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Netsoka means “on foot” in Shona.
You are invited to step up alongside Dan Wylie & Jill Wylie for part of the journey...

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Dan Wylie & Jill Wylie

Netsoka is the site devoted to Dan Wylie and Jill Wylie’s books and artwork. Jill was born in 1929 and raised in the forested mountains of western Kenya, eventually settling in the similar terrain of eastern Zimbabwe. There she ran a private wildlife sanctuary and rescue-and-rehabilitation centre for forty years, writing about it in four books and many articles, poems and stories.

It was inevitable that her son Dan, having been raised integrally with animals, should return to animal subjects even in his academic work. He is Professor Emeritus at Rhodes University, South Africa, where he has taught literature for thirty years. His subjects include poetry, the history of Shaka Zulu, Zimbabwean literature, ecological dimensions in literary works, memoir, elephants, dogs and crocodiles. Oh, and he has fun painting, too.

Netsoka is not a publisher or advice site; such requests will not be answered.

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