Netsoka Blogs

by Dan and Jill Wylie


This long-running blog offers substantial, readable short essays on whatever keeps Dan awake at two in the morning, ranging from Zimbabwe travelogues, book reviews, dogs in Dante’s Inferno, meditations on birds, flowers and cobras, science and poetry, and much more.


In addition to her four books, Jill Wylie – naturalist, animal rescue expert – wrote dozens of poems, short stories, SPCA reports, and letters. This blog airs some of these delightful pieces, including several chapters of The Training of Tawny, an unfinished manuscript relating her illuminating dog-training methods.


“The Commander” tells the story of ‘Vuyo’, a young, unemployed South African township dweller, whose apparently unremarkable life is in fact complex, intelligent and fascinating. Told largely in his own words, recorded over several interviews, this is the account of a friendship which was cut short before it really fully formed – a characteristic South African story.